Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Guests :) - Part 1

This summer, we were busy hosting important guests at our new residence. ;) Loved ones & friends who will help us create beautiful moments in our humble nest.

Godson came to play... :)

and to savour homemade dumplings. :)

Gwendel, Sharon & cousin Fanny hopped over for steaming hotpot. With air-condition switched on, the summer heat didn't really matter anymore. :)

Maternal grandmom, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces & nephews were treated to a buffet spread. :) Our clan is big huh? :))) Oh and our neighbours from our other residence. :D

Caterer: Raseal

We had Sheau Wen & Ling Lee over for DIY sushi making session. :D The sashimi were obviously bought while the messy stuff were done by us. :) 

Our DIY session was completed with sake, sweet & juicy lychees from Taiwan and durians. 

Happy guests & happy hosts. :)

For our other gfs & their families, we did a little French. ;) Crepes from Saybons! We love having freshly made crepes straight out from the crepe station. :D

Caterer: Saybons

Mom prepared chicken wings, Pauline brought durian puffs and Serena baked some really mean brownies which disappeared very quickly...

Casual gathering for fabulous friends :D

Some with their babies. :)

It's a blessing to have church friends over for fellowship. We did bible study over afternoon tea, followed by a Korean BBQ. :) 

This summer, we also welcomed Crystal & Alan who flew in from San Francisco for a 20 hour visit. *.* Too short! 

We tried to stuff them with as much local delicacies as we could. :)))

On top of their crazy itinerary, Crystal & Alan had to help us with decorating a church wedding. ;)

We are looking forward to hosting more loved ones & friends in August! :D

Details of Rasel Catering:

Details of Saybons:

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